CarmelBeachPainter_CroppedWorking in watercolor and gouache, I have come to focus on depicting the cultures, architecture and geology of the Colorado Plateau, my interest piqued by both historical and current subjects.  I developed, and continue to adjust, a color palette which expresses my response to these subjects.  Check out one of my pieces in the Larimer County {CO} collection, hanging right outside the Commissioners’ offices. I have shown on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, and in the Benson Gallery and Old Town Art in Fort Collins. It was my honor to have been juried into the live and silent events of the Richard Schmid Rist Canyon Fine Art Auction, and “Aquarious”, the state show of the Southern Colorado Watercolor Society.  The notion of an education or career in art did not occur to me until much later in life. Never having pursued formal education. I began learning from some very special workshop instructors.  That style of learning continues, along with videos, demos, and elbow grease.  I was raised in rural Illinois, Aledo, not far from the Mississippi River.  Education and marriage took me to Champaign IL, and Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN.  Wanderlust and John Denver lured me to Colorado and Fort Collins, my home since 1976.